Orllia Gilwellians Bring Sunshine.
Bert, Judy, Roy, Bruce, Warren, Rick, Carl, Paul, Janice, Ken, Mick, Earl, (front) Helen and missing is Barb.
Judy, Bert, Joyce, Warren, Libardo and Barb (bowing and scraping)
Under the Cedar Tree outside Keke at Ceremonies
Line-up for our silk screening Sat. afternoon
Barb and Pat helping themselves to Lunch
(background L to R) Earl, Libardo, Linda, (?) in the white hat, and Roy
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Bruce, Barb, Lobarto, Dave, Helen and Judy
Burt and Leslie with a "customer" for our Saturday afternoon Silk Screening.
Dave, Bruce, Judy, Earl, Rick and Mick waiting for Lunch
Dave Helen and Judy
Loberto in the
Colour Party
Earl, Burt, Dave and Helen
Earl, Helen, Ross
the food and Loberto
Earl, Judy, Bruce, Loberto
and Paul in the "Grub Line"
Geraldine and Joan on KP
Geraldine, taking a break
Helen, Dave, bruce, Mick, Rick, Geraldine and Earl
Janice,  Bruce and Barb
Joyce, Ray and Carl serving up our Sat. night Friendship Tea
Judy, Helen, a passing Gilwellian,
Dave and Janice
and Barb
Loberto and Janice
Mick and Rick
Mick and Warren at Takedown
Paul, Carl and Warren
Rick and Warren
Roy, Carl, Burt and Ross